Urban Pagan in Somerset

Urban Pagan in Somerset

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Just on Time


Time is waiting in the wings, He speaks of senseless things
His script is you and me, Boy!  (david bowie, aladdin sane)

Having observed the interesting attitudes and behaviour around the world regarding the end of the Mayan calendar in December 2012 it got me thinking about time. Thoughts on how it is regarded, recorded and observed. I believe that Time is a form of energy. Most people tend to think of linear time – as our lives on a line starting from birth and leading onward until the finish. History having events on various points along the line of time. However I have also read of time being a ‘curve’ that may be why some points of time converge together and touch. Maybe enabling us to be out of our time. Could this be why some people see Romans marching through ancient sites? Not ghosts but a brief connection of the ‘time line’. I remember as a child watching a series on BBC TV about children finding gateways to other times – Timeslip, a brilliant children’s drama from the 1960/70s.

There are occasions when one may experience an awareness of being ‘out of time’. When the ability to experience other dimension all at once. We cannot do this easily at present for it would overwhelm the human mind at its present stage. Those rare souls that do experience this would do this as a momentary experience of Outer time. Maybe similar to the aborigine dream time. By learning consciously to do this, can we change the barriers of the time we exist in? By moving time, extending time and even travelling through time?
 I also remember reading a story (maybe by Isaac Asimov – to be honest I can’t remember if it is his) where a child – very advanced works out how to loop time using something similar to a figure eight and mentally projects it so he can move through time and space.

Time has been recorded, identified and its possibilities noted since records began. Seen of course with the calendars of different cultures. Even our own celebrations of seasons and festivals are as marking of the passage of time. Of course the most recent in peoples’ minds has been the Mayan calendar that some even believed indicated the end of time. Though of course many others have felt this is the end of time – as we know it. That some energy or changes are happening on other layers and levels to be understood when we are ready for it.

Time is affected by the rate of speed that our galaxy moves at. Some scientists have found that galaxies father away can have a higher rate of speed which should also create a differing speed of time. I have read somewhere some enlightened scientists describing it as the universe in the act of breathing in and out. The study of space, quantum physics and time shows us that the exhale is probably where the big bang of our universe came from. There could also be a big crunch when the exhalation will change the face of the universe. Not destroy it, but change it. Ancient stories describe this. The Egyptian stories refer to the Boat of a Million Years, the sun God Ra moves across the celestial skies. The Indian philosophers talked of the Year of Brahma which lasts 321 trillion years. The Hindu year refers to a cycle of cosmic breathing heralding an age lasting trillions of years.

 It has also been said that we ‘dream out of time’. In Outer time there is a point where all is One. Every conceivable thing of life and experience at every level of the universe converges and is instantly present. People have dreams in a few minutes or even less that in a state of wakefulness could take several hours to experience. May be this can suggest why some people dream of events that happen in the future. They are out of time and therefor can move to the future. Sleep is the same state as deep meditation. The Alpha brain waves are similar in sleep as during deep altered states.

How has Outer time been measured? There may be various places as doorways to outer time. Pyramids, stone circles and other sacred spots are usually sited on geomantically important areas. On ley lines which may also travel along the Earths fault lines. The siting of these ancient monuments has been investigated in many ways – scientists found that within the areas there are stronger currents of electro-magnetic energy Ceremonies, magical acts and inner journeys within these areas have often wielded interesting results.  Certain times of the year can also provide these areas with different energies.  


During the 1980s experiments recorded fields of energies within sites tested. Stone circles emitted ultra-sonic signals at the equinoxes whatever the weather patterns. These signals faded at the solstices. The west of the UK has the highest incidence of fault lines and interesting that the majority of crop circles are in this area too. Many believe these are also time related and that may account for the reason why these beautiful and intricate patterns appear overnight. Certainly not the result of some chap with a board!