Urban Pagan in Somerset

Urban Pagan in Somerset

Thursday, 3 July 2014

New Beginnings

A new start - a slightly different blog title, a new life and a new location!

Its been almost a year since I last wrote a piece for my blog and many things have changed for me. I have moved across from living in Canterbury in Kent to Glastonbury in Somerset. From a small city to a small town - still slightly urban setting but surrounded by the most glorious countryside, hills and fields which certainly feed my soul's need for the beauty of nature.

Im also close to so many wonderful ancient sites and places of mystery and natural power. It has been my wish to live in this area for so many years and I am so grateful the fates have finally decided it was my time to come here. I have also had the wonderful fortune to get to experience living in an intentional community. Something I have also wanted to experience for over 20 years - since I first read about Findhorn and then began searching and discovering so many other communities and housing co-operatives that have sprung up all over.


I made the initial enquiries late last year and my
youngest daughter and I finally moved here at the end of March this year. We are helping to lay the foundations of a new community, helping to choose and invite new people to become part of our 'family of good neighbours'. Sharing a wonderful large house with garden, veggie patch and orchard and just a few minutes walk from the high street of a wonderful place of diversity, magic and healing.

Of course it has been quite a change - we were lucky enough to know one or two people down here already, but it has also been important to make contacts, connections and meet new friends and we have been busy doing just that. Another huge change was to begin the amazing and rewarding journey in home education - having to unlearn so much conditioning for me and Rhiannon. We have joined several home-ed groups, activities and fun things. I think its wonderful for her to know that learning can be so enjoyable after having had rather a grim time in the education system.

I have really enjoyed these last few months of new beginnings. My next new start is to begin a new phase of study for myself. I am at last going to finish studying for my degree although now I have switched from anthropology to history and archaeology and begin this September. With the possibilities of travel in Europe and taking Rhiannon along too as part of her educational experience - it is an exciting time.

Also fortunate to be invited to take part in some of the local pagan activities - giving a talk at the monthly moot, being part of the circle performing the open Summer Solstice Ritual a few weeks back and other ceremonies to come. It has been wonderful after a long and hard time over the winter, removing old baggage and making decisions to move on from various situations that no longer had positive energy in them. Yes, I may find in the future that some of those decisions might give me further problems - maybe some issues. But they were not taken lightly and since I made them and removed people (including some family) from my life - I feel happier and lighter now than I did for a long long time.

I want to begin writing again - blogging and my coursework of course.

Its lovely to be back.