Urban Pagan in Somerset

Urban Pagan in Somerset

Friday, 20 August 2010

freecycle magick

I just wanted to post a tribute to the freecycle ethos. What a terrific way of living an eco friendly, frugal, community way of life. To give someone else something that no longer has any use for you, rather than consign it to the landfill sites is so much better dont you think?

Ive been fortunate to aquire much needed bunk beds for my daughters bedroom. A fantastic hardly used and extremely comfortable mattress, a lovely floor lamp stand that just needs sanding and new wiring. And most recently have arranged to go in the next few weeks to collect crab apples from a tree covered in fruit, and later to go sloe, elderberry and hip picking in a freecyclers garden to make edible treats and xmas/solstice gifts.

Ive also been a giver im pleased to say and offloaded a few items I no longer needed and the recipients have I hope, had as much pleasure in recieving my unwanted items as I had from getting rid of them.

What a wonderful way to recycle!

If you havnt got round to it yet, get onto the freecycle website and join your local group. Its really worth while.

Happy Freecycling!


Amanda said...

Have you noticed how, if you give whatever you can, then when you clearly decide you need a particular thing, it will appear on freecycle
within a week? Saves a fortune on candles, incense and vellum. Always balances - so no sign of my 8 acre smallholding yet
BB babe X

badwitch said...

I totally agree that freecycle is wonderful. I've just given away a huge bag of apples to some freecylers from my own apple tree. It is a great way to exchange fruit and veg at this time of year!

Wandering along Loopy's life path said...

Hi I just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you at