Urban Pagan in Somerset

Urban Pagan in Somerset

Sunday, 14 August 2011

A little bit Country, a little bit Rock n roll

One of the things I find living on the edge of a city, albeit a small city with the country on my doorstep, is that sometimes I need to refresh myself. To rediscover the joys of both worlds - living in an urban setting and enjoying the facilities it offers, as well as getting the chance to get out into the countryside and refresh the parts that other beers do not reach.

The plan this weekend, was on saturday to celebrate the full moon at a farm nearby with the organisers of the Druid grove I like to attend. A few good friends, a bonfire and the chance to camp out for those who wanted to drink more than a toast around the circle. Circumstances prevented this unfortunately, and instead, I found myself sitting by the sea at St Margarets bay with jagged seaweed covered rocks, white cliffs and black stones and shingle that looked more like a volcanic landscape than a typical local beach.

There, with my youngest daughter and a good friend, we connected to the spirit of the oceans, ate a hearty picnic and made an offering to the waters and the Lady of the Sea. Funny how things that arent planned (by us anyway!) are often the ones that create the most amazing energy. We drove home into the most glorious sunset, and I felt something so right connect as we got home in the dark, to go to bed and sleep a good sleep.

And then today, my plan was to get busy on some long awaited clearing up! Since I have started work again, I find the time for getting my home in some kind of order quite limited. Im trying not to get silly about this - Im certainly not someone with a disorder for excessive cleaning, but I do like to feel uncluttered at least. (difficult really with a 7 year old with a penchant for crafts, making dens and leaving toys around just in case!)

However, as I clicked briefly on facebook and saw my friend's status declaring she had just left for the Smallholders fair at Sissinghurst castle, I suddenly remembered it was something I had told her about and meant to visit myself. Suddenly it was almost a military opperation, get the washing hung out, bath and wash hair, get some things together and leave. At least hopefully to get there in time to hear Hugh Fearnly Wittingstal's talk.

And so we got out of the door and on the open road. With my friend's loan of a sat nav bossily instructing us on the directions...enter roundabout..take the 3rd exit...after .7miles turn left....turn left......TURN LEFT!!!!!

Well I got there in time for the last 10minutes of Hugh's talk. But it didnt matter. Breathing in the beautiful energy of the Weald of Kent land. Munching on hog roast and wandering around looking at the sheep and lavendar bantams, the pot bellied piglets (had to really discipline myself not to buy one!!) and the crafts. Rhiannon held as many animals as she was allowed - which was most of them, except for the cow!

I became a member of the kent smallholders association. Well I do have 2 chickens and a few veg growing in my handkerchief!! What fun! Im a smallholder!! A very smallholder!!

It was one of those events that kind of inspires and re-energises me. Topping off the events of last night its been one of those weekends that I can live off for a very long time. And now my autumn and winter has something to plan and focus on. To meet together with other smallholders (whether those with a fields or a window box to smallhold on) and the possibility of dancing with a Morris side. Im well and truly ready to continue in my Urban paradise. As long as I can bring a bit of country into my urban life. I am content.

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randyman8 said...

Oh, bright, bright,
so bright,
the moon, so brigh,
bright, bright,
the moon!