Urban Pagan in Somerset

Urban Pagan in Somerset

Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Kindness of Strangers

I wanted to share this with you today, as I was really taken aback by the kind offer of help from a stranger.

Today my little girl was going to tea with her friend from school - something which is a bit of a treat for me too, as it gives me a couple of hours after work where I can poodle about the town a bit. Maybe mooch around a museum or just a bit of window shopping. I can enjoy myself, rummaging through charity shops - so many interesting knick nacks to explore. I have found many a bargain there! Or go and grab a latte or lap sang su chong (smokey tea that always reminds me of times spend by a firepit drinking tea at pagan get togethers...but I digress!)

Any hoo

I sometimes get hit by the demon 'spontaniety', and today was one of those days!
I have dreams of growing my hair long again, but it gets to a certain length, and whooosh - out come the scissors to 'tidy it up', which in effect cancels my plans of long, luscious, hippy locks with daisies threaded through. (Actually, Im getting a bit old for the daisy, hippy look - but its a nice memory!!)

So wandering along, I pass a hairdressers I remember a friend recommended and go in, to see if something can be done to remove the splits, dry frizz, and generally give it a good seeing to. A space was available but I needed to wait for about 20minutes. So I agree, settle down with the complimentary cappuchino to wait for my stylist to finish her last client.

The trouble is, the last client wasnt happy and wanted an extra snip here, and a bit of wax there. Twenty minutes turns into 40minutes and several coffees later, I am a bit concerned about my parking ticket turning into a....well, a parking ticket!!!

I couldnt leave cos they'd already washed my hair, conditioned, and rubbed a lovely lotion that smelled heavenly into it. It would be rude to leave half done! The stylist comes along, and says, 'no problem'. But shes also a perfectionist and it takes longer and more.....

So I steal myself to call a halt to the event, and then, the sweetest of offers from the chap busy sweeping up stray hairs. He offers to run all the way to the car park (at least 10 minutes away) and put extra pennies in the ticket machine for me. What a sweetie. And he even refused to take the pound coin for the ticket, paying for it himself.

After the last few weeks, with one or two experiences from less than kindly people, to have such a kind offer of help from a stranger was confirmation that there are some nice people out there.
I hope you too have a good experience and chance to enjoy the kindness of a stranger.

ps - the do was quite nice too!! lol


laoi gaul~williams /I\ said...

you were Ark'ed!
i am a big fan of 'Acts of Randon Kindness'~my last one was giving my neighbour and his two little girls a tomato plant each!

looking forwards to seeing your new hair! mine is now grown past my shoulders and these hot days i keep thinking of getting it all cut off but something stops me...you are never too old for daisies in your hair!

Blackbird/Clair said...

kindness makes the world go round..i loved this :) Clair. x