Urban Pagan in Somerset

Urban Pagan in Somerset

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Musical notes

Ive been musing on the effect music has on me in different situations. Im quite happy to work magically, meditate or perform ritual without musical backgrounds, but it makes quite a difference to me when i do have music playing. Especially if its something chosen particularly to aid the rite etc.

Many Years ago when I led a ceremonial magical lodge we often used a piece of music to enter the temple and walk its boundary. You might recognise it from the film 1492. It was by Vangelis, called 1492-the conquest of paradise. Because we always used it for the rituals, it developed its own energy for our ritual and was an important part of our lodge. Certain pieces of music are now connected in my own memory and experience with different magical workings and can make quite a difference in the effect desired. I find pathworking or visual journeys far more effective when using music to journey too.

Several years ago I wrote a ritual for my coven to perform with no speaking whatsoever, just music. It took awhile to work it out, with timing etc and a few 'rehearsals' etc but it was such an interesting and wonderful experience.

Recently I realised I was feeling a little down. Nothing really bad. Not depression or anything so deep, but a little mopey. Although it could be down to many different things - im menopausal, its the end of the school year and we're all feeling tired. Various reasons maybe. But I also realised I hadnt been listening to music much, and its quite amazing how different I feel listening to certain songs or tunes I love. Some can make me feel powerful and energized. Others more pensive or receptive.

Im trying to make time to listen to my favourites pieces whenever I can. Im sure they will lift my spirits again.

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queenbeebear said...

Bright Blessings Raeywitch! Music shifts your vibrations doesnt it? And with that, your peceptions and your mood.Indeed, music is a very powerful tool for ritual. I use my voice to clear atmospheres and shift stuck energy. (Some would say my voice would clear a room anyway, lol!) Nice to read your blogg, Im from the South East too, and grew up in Kent, well, it was at the time, it is now "Greater London" apparently!!! Im living in the North East of England now. Its a beautiful day here, hope its the same where you are.
Love and Light
QBB xxx