Urban Pagan in Somerset

Urban Pagan in Somerset

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

New Beginnings

Well the new calendar year has got under way and already I can feel the movement of the seasons as spring tentatively indicates she is on her way. At the end of last year I underwent big changes personally when I left a job I had grown to dislike in order to take a new direction. Actually I have to say - it wasnt the actual job I disliked - I love to cook and the children at the school i worked in were lovely.
Are lovely - my daughter still goes there....

Sadly all too familiar - it was the company I worked for. A outside contract company that I would not work for again...but thats in the past and I am looking to the present and future. I took the plunge into an idea that has been a slow growing thought for several years. In fact, since I gave birth to Rhiannon nearly 7 years ago.

I like children, I loved having her at home before she started school, doing crafts and fun things together. I had thought about becoming a registered child minder before, but it just wasnt the right time then. Now it is! I am slowly going through the process of the registration, doing the coursework, paediatric first aid etc and hopefully will be all ready to start by the beginning of the summer.

Of course this has a knock on effect on all my life. Im having to use my resources to keep my head above water while i go through the new training. Im going along on the belief that I have made the right decision - as all people do when they want to start a new business and have to believe the work will come.

But Im absolutely sure Ive done the right thing.

First of all, I dont wake up in the morning dreading going to work and what problems my immediate management will give me this week. I can physically feel the stress has gone and my shoulders have lost a weight it carried around for most of last year. I feel healthier and happier too. And all the puzzle pieces are fitting in the right places, effortlessly and easily. I havent had any problems with sorting out my finances although they are tight and everything is falling into place in the time frame I have planned for. I am so grateful and appreciative that this is happening now and continue to believe that I am walking the right path for me, for now.

New beginnings at a new cycle of time and life....watch this space....

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Spiritree Witchery said...

exactly the same circumstances - except because of my dad's hobby it would be dangerous. so have come up with another idea - "mobile Child minder" I look after the child in their own enviroment. which after talking to several friends are enthusiastic about this idea. so it looks like the this is the right thing also for me. had enough of looking for jobs. and our local playschool sys our area is just screaming out for child minders. so onward and upward. good luck to you and me xx