Urban Pagan in Somerset

Urban Pagan in Somerset

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Time to wake up

Continuing on with the last post on new beginnings - each day brings that little bit of extra energy to start new projects, new ideas and build on a foundation that will create the building of this year.

I always find 2 major things happen to me at this time of year. Clearing out inner and outer crap is one of them and can be seen in a desire to remove clutter in my home (mirroring the desire to remove the spiritual and emotional clutter I may be carrying around with me too). The other biggie is when I begin looking around for new and interesting things to do. Some of this may have been on the back boiler and had their seeds planted last year - such as my new career possibilities, and some have arrived like an unexpected but very welcome friend coming to visit!

So far, I have finally got round to sending off for the OBOD's bardic grade coursework which is something that has been in my mind for several years.
This also has something to do with my spiritual path and a part of me I have been suppressing for several years - another blog entry will cover that I think. But its that time when some things connect with the energy to create new things in my life and become irrisistable to leave for another year.

More usual are the things I look around to do for fun and to satisfy the creative part of me. Things I can do with my youngest daughter and other family members when they're here. So I scour the internet for the websites of events I enjoy - The Green Man festival at Hastings in May. The strawberry fair at Cambridge in June. And on the way I discover other events I may not have come accross before - maybe being put on for the first time - such as last year Eden projects 'Big Lunch' which we took part in during july in canterbury. I get a lovely new diary (I just love a new virgin page ready to write my plans and projects on). It gets filled with ideas of things I might like to take part in, practical information such as money coming in and bills going out, and school diary info too.

I explore the local colleges and universities sites too (we're greedy in canterbury - we have 3 universities here!) for day schools and family learning days. Often cheap or with concessions for low wage earners they can provide really interesting and fun ways to try new things and feed that part of me crying out to learn or use my creativity. Or both! Found a fantastic day school in the summer to work with a Labyrinth built in Kent university's grounds, with the chance to walk it, write about it , create around it and .....well.....we are only limited by our imaginations arent we!

I am not in the space where I want to start new magical or mediation groups and circles nowadays, but do like to come together with friends old and new to do something for fun regularly, so have decided to hold a regular arty session for creative crafts and fun. Its not a rigid structured group which doesnt put any pressure on me which is what Im going for at the moment. Just a day or evening regularly that I plan to have open house for anyone who wants to join me doing some craft or arty activity.

What could be more simple, fun, companionable and feed my creative soul?

And to feed my spiritual soul - as I mentioned I am eagerly awaiting my bardic coursework from OBOD. And a variety of pagan fairs and processions to enjoy. The Fairy Festival in Canterbury is an event we love to go to. The fun of dressing up, meeting fun, friendly people and maybe going to the Fairy Ball.

It seems to me that this time I find Im hungry in various parts of my soul. I need to feed several parts of me - the spiritual, physical, emotional and practical. This is the energy of Spring arising from its earthy sleep as we creep slowly but surely towards Imbolg.

Depending where you live there are things you can do. Obviously in an urban setting there may be more on offer so country dwellers or more isolated community inhabitants may have to be creative and organise the things you want to do yourself rather than look for events planned. Even in towns and cities you may be unable to find a group or circle of people with your interests. Several years ago there were no Goddess groups in canterbury and I started one up because it was something I wanted to be involved with at the time.

Im a creature of nature and find myself hibernating over winter and not wanting to trudge around outside even if I know once I get out I will enjoy it. Its easy to get into the habit of lounging about even when the days start to get warmer and lighter but the pull of the seasonal tides is as sure as night following the day, and if I dont answer the call...well....I just become sullen and cranky.


laoi gaul~williams /I\ said...

oh lucky you starting the obod course~i have been thinking about it for a few years but cannot afford to do it :(

raewytch said...

thats one of the reasons I didnt do it for so long especially now as im on a very low income and I saw the price of a years course. But then I found out you can do a DD - and then its £13 a month and I can find that. I dont know what outgoings you have monthly but you might find broken down into smaller payments easier.