Urban Pagan in Somerset

Urban Pagan in Somerset

Sunday, 30 May 2010

picking up other people's baggage

Another interesting week and one of deep lessons to take in. Lifes like that isnt it!!

Its quite interesting when people have insecurities how they deal with them. Im one of those people who takes things in and worries until my inner self kicks in or brings me a message through something external - maybe a friend, something i hear on the radio or an overheard conversation. Others will deal with it by making someone else feel small or insecure which may make them feel better about themselves. Others might pretend nothing is wrong, and another way - a good friend of mine does, is to laugh at them.

I must say I prefer the laughter approach. Laughter is very precious - there are therapies based around humour and laughter, and things always seem lighter after a good belly laugh.
In the story of Demeter searching for her daughter Persephone, after Hades has stolen her, the Goddess Baubo lifts her skirts exposing herself to Demeter to make her laugh. Its the kind of humour that brings on a real dirty belly laugh that can be really healing - specially for a woman.

My own insecurities rose this week as a result of picking up someone elses insecurities after they got rid of them by handing them on to me. Literally picking up their baggage. Im trying very hard to remember to put it down - its not mine and i dont need to carry it, thats not my job!!

There are going to be times when I forget this, of course. But im trying really hard to remember. Ive made one or two affirmation cards and put them around the house. I shall also take some to work as its there that I find im most in danger of picking up stuff that isnt mine.


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Blackbird/Clair said...

I am well known for my 'dirty' belly laugh..i have a rather black sense of humor,comes from working with the dying.. but this can help make sense of the darker times in life, to laugh is to heal in many ways. Hope you are enjoying your week away. :)