Urban Pagan in Somerset

Urban Pagan in Somerset

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Simple weekend

Sometimes its just so nice not to have any plans for the weekend. Working in a busy school kitchen as I do it can be hectic and chaotic making sure everything is ready for dinner each week day, and tiring as there are lots of heavy pots and equipment. It certainly is a physical job. Im not complaining - I enjoy the work, but by the end of the week, the weekend is a refuge, an island of satisfaction to enjoy.

Sometimes I like to plan outings, maybe Im attending a circle or Goddess event. I may just feel like taking my children somewhere beautiful with a picnic or mooch around a museum.

Then there are the weekends when I just want to sit and look at the garden, a book, close my eyes and listen to music or silence. Its not always easy. My youngest child Rhiannon is 6 years old and a whirlwind of energy, curiosity and adventure. So sometimes compromise is neccessary - maybe a short trip out, a walk by the sea to collect stones, shells and other treasures. Actually that is always very quite refreshing to a tired soul in need of time and space.

This weekend, I needed that space and rest. And its been so pleasurable. A visit to Grandma's yesterday fulfilled Rhiannon's need for an excursion and play.
Sunday lunch out today is a treat for me - someone else cooking a delicious meal.
The sun isnt out so Im putting the dandilion collection off for later in the week - I can make wine next weekend. My seedlings will last another week for planting out and maybe another week outside will harden them off a little more beforehand.

The biggest exertion of energy has been done - the tidying, laundry and making beds on friday night so I could seriously enjoy relaxing.

Sometimes a simple weekend needs to be VERY simple.

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