Urban Pagan in Somerset

Urban Pagan in Somerset

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Canterbury fairies still exist

Up at the crack of dawn to dress and paint faces for this mornings fairy parade through canterbury high street. a last tie of the fluffy ribbon and off we go.

it was going to be quite a busy day - rhiannon had been invited to a birthday party for noon so we were off to parade, zip off to the party, then back this afternoon to finish the festival.

And how wonderful to see so many fairies in canterbury dancing along to the very rhythmic drums of the pentacle drummers. dancing along with a fantastic group of luscious belly dancers from essex, rhiannon whirled and twirled and generally behaved like the Goddess loving little girl she is! We were watched by smiling crowds of shoppers as we paraded up to the top and back down again. Led by the pagan and proud banners, with dancers, fairies, witches and pagans, giants, various banners and a wonderful march hare. It seemed a shame to have to go, but a party for a 6 year old is most important and so it was off with the wings and away......

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