Urban Pagan in Somerset

Urban Pagan in Somerset

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Spring is sprung

At last, the weather is still cold but the spring sunshine struggles through the clouds. I have been getting out and about for weeks trying to ignore the rain and cold and firmly believing eventually the spring weather would finally show - and here she is! Dont get me wrong. I love the winter too - I love the bare earth waiting and lonely places full of gusting winds and the greyness of the skies. But I love the cycles of our natural world.

I couldnt bear just one type of weather, I need to see, be in and revel in the different tides of our year. Spring must follow winter for me. Summer must come and then....aaah....the autumn. The golds of grain, the harvests and promises of things to come....and so the wheel turns...round and round.

Bank holiday monday - this was a lovely day for tramping round the woods. In the end we decided to visit a local natural park called Druidstone. It has some farm animals for the children to pet, but the grounds are a wonderful mix of untamed nature with statues and a magical feeling as you explore.

We spent a wonderful afternoon getting back intouch with life and being so grateful to be able to find such beauty close by.

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