Urban Pagan in Somerset

Urban Pagan in Somerset

Friday, 9 April 2010

The promise of spring and all to come

Its like a switch thats been activated in my head. The turn of the season, the cycle moves on and Spring Equinox passes. I find just a few weeks before it comes I can feel the subtle energies and as the season rolls on I move into waking mode - leaving the winters hibernation. I stir and from feeling quiet and introspective, suddenly I am making plans. New projects, new ideas, new expeditions.

Im one of the worlds greatest procrastinators until the spring energy gets well and truly up my backside!! Then theres no stopping me! Unfortunately, time and everyday living, work etc sometimes gets in the way and all my great intentions, projects etc get put away until the year has rolled round again and its time to go to sleep for the winter.

So I have decided to keep my projects on this blog. I hope by making it public I am more likely to allow myself to do the things I want and achieve my goals this year before allowing them to fade away into the mists of the autumn.


I have always made a habit of celebrating the main seasonal festivals. At one time with an organised ritual, a large gathering of friends and family, other pagan groups and maybe a camp or picnic. More recently it became a lit candle, small solitary meditation and an offering. I enjoy both and intend to become a bit more active this year.

So apart from a few gatherings I have planned on attending I also have decided to be a little more formal in my own home celebrations. I used to get a little downhearted when people said they would come along and for various reasons didnt turn up. Apart from feeling this rather rude, I didnt value my own participation as much. Over the past few years if nothing else, my solitary situation has taught me the value of showing up myself even if no one else does. Its so much easier to make the effort to make things and take part in something when others are expecting it. So much easier to procrastinate when you are alone.

So this year - when I am celebrating regardless of who turns up.
1. I shall make a special wreath and hang for the festival - I used to do this and loved how they turned out.
2. I shall make more effort to decorate my altar for the season rather than just the candles and few objects I have on it.
3.I shall still invite friends to attend but the event does not depend on their attendance.
4. I shall get back into the habit of writing a seasonal or devotional song or poem
5. I shall write about the event on my website and make sure I have seasonal pictures to go with them
6 I shall cook a special meal or feast foods for the evening and have a small ritual with others or alone.

Apart from making the effort to take part in my own seasonal cycle. I want to explore more in life and learn some new things. Or develop others I have some knowlede of.

1. I used to play guitar and am extremely rusty!! I intend to get a new one (my old one has a hole in it!!) and relearn it again. Actually I quite fancy learning folk guitar too!

2. Now I am mobile again and have a small but dependable car I shall once again get my camping gear into the boot on a friday and whisk my youngest off for adventures and expeditions.
When I used to do this I had all kinds of fun including driving at midnight down to stonehenge for the summer solstice and offering little orange sponge biscuits to the great god Jaffa. (actually he was in disguise as a guard working there). The offerings were successful in getting him to turn his all seeing eye away while I climbed the fence to enter the henge with the druids for their dawn ceremony.

3. I used to be a loose woman! Actually I started dancing with a womens morris side from the village of Loose near maidstone. I didnt do it for very long but had such fun at the time. It was border morris which is a bit more wild and stick crashing type of dance. I feel ready to get my feet stomping again and have found a local womens side to visit. watch this space!!

Other projects will be added as I feel a desire to do them. Im not going to give myself a hard time feeling guilty if they dont come off - but I will give myself a stern talking to if I dont at least try them out!

So lets get going and explore this wonderful life. I dont want my headstone to read 'She had such good intentions.....'

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badwitch said...

Good luck with the blog! I'll be following it with interest, particularly as I write a similar blog myself.