Urban Pagan in Somerset

Urban Pagan in Somerset

Friday, 16 April 2010

Slow Time

Its easy living in a town or city to get caught up with a faster pace of life. some people thrive on it and love having something to do to fill up their day. I wonder if this is something to do with age sometimes although Im sure there are many 'older' people out there who would disagree!! I have found as I celebrate another birthday that Im more interested in being rather than doing a lot of the time. Finding time to smell the roses or that 'time to stand and stare....I have long been a follower of slow time. In fact there is a good book called Slow time by waverley fitzgerald (lulu.com) written in an enjoyable and thought provoking workbook way that advocates a way to slow down and 'recover the natural rhythm of life.

Some time ago in 1986 Carlo Petrini started the slowfood movement after being appalled that a macdonalds opened near the spanish steps in Rome. Promoting local food in opposition to fast food outlets. And there is so much more to enjoy and appreciate when taking the time to create a nourishing tasty meal, maybe picking some salad leaves from your own garden or window box. Much more enjoyable than grabbing a burger.

I want to live in the now rather than rushing ahead to catch up with the future and not enjoying whats going on right in the moment. That doesnt mean I dont look forward to things. I think its more about appreciating what Im doing and have in my life here and now. And when I do that, still working towards things I want to change in my life, works so much better too.

When I was desperate to move from my flat to a house with a garden, I went through a time of feeling down and miserable and couldnt enjoy where I was there and then. I didnt decorate it or make it my own space. Wouldnt stamp my personality on the place because 'it was silly to make the effort when I didnt want to stay there'.
I had previously had plans to create an outdoor space on my balcony, grow some plants and a place to sit, but my yearning for another living space made it too much of an effort.

It was when I let go and decided to enjoy my home and make it reflect who I was that things began to move for me. I forget it now and then - in fact just recently. I went away for a few days break to Hastings and had a lovely time of exploring the Sussex coastline and countryside. It is when Im in the country that I mostly long for my cottage in a quiet village or by an evocative wild coastal setting.
Making my potions, keeping chickens and living the life of the local wisewoman. Ahhh - my dream! The pace of life and the energy I can feel from the earth in these green and peaceful places are a panacea for me. Its easy to forget my good intentions to be in the moment when I return home and sometimes find myself yearning for such a way of life. I stop enjoying what I have already created in my present situation.

This time as I explored the villages in Sussex and walked the seven sisters near Eastbourne, I thought about my own home and what it offers me. I remembered my house is in a little estate on top of a hill called Spring Lane Estate. Just a few miles down the road from my home there are ancient woodlands. I have access to all the countryside I want - I just have to walk there whenever I wish. And I live in a place with great history that sits upon an ancient area. What riches! My own home is small but I have once again begun to change it - decorating and making it part of me! And My garden is a postage stamp - but my bare feet stand on the grass outside and I can connect with the spirit of the earth and the spring here. I have planted apple trees and prepared a vegetable patch ready for my seedling plants. I have hung the summer bunting in the garden to welcome the summer and will erect my portable maypole for dancing in a few weeks time. Maybe one day I may have my witches cottage in the woods. Or maybe Im already living in it?

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badwitch said...

I love the blue photo of the cottage in the early morning mist